World Health Day 2023 – WHO 75th Birthday!


The 7th April 2023 marks the World Health Organisations 75th Birthday! Find out more about The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the contribution they make to improving public health.

About WHO

In 1948, several countries came together and founded the World Health Organisation with the goal to to promote public health  and ensure everyone, everywhere can obtain the highest level of healthcare.

Today, it consists of 194 member states. A team of over 8000 professionals and world leading healthcare experts connect with nations and people to provide trusted scientific evidence, increase access to healthcare, prevent disease and co-ordinate the worlds response to health crisis’.

WHO 75

The theme for WHO’s 75th anniversary is #HealthForAll. With 30% of the global population without healthcare services, WHO strive to increase access to these services and provide skilled healthcare workers so high quality care can be given.

They also work with member states to ensure health for all is a priority by providing healthy living environments and increasing public financing to create a strong healthcare system to ensure public access but also increase preparedness in case of healthcare emergencies.

Learn More

For more information about The World Health Organisation and how to support their cause of Health For All visit: 75 years of improving public health (