Find Your Path: Why Medical Graduates Should Choose Locum Work


On the lead up to graduation, it’s important to start thinking about your next steps. Finding the right path suitable for you can be difficult at this time. Locum work provides a lot of unique opportunities for Medical graduates seeking variety and growth. Explore the benefits of locum work below:


Locum work gives you more control over your career, hours and work-life balance. You can choose a placement that best suits your lifestyle.


Locum work tends to have a higher rate of pay than permanent positions. It can be an opportunity for you to earn some extra money to put towards your savings, travelling, repaying student loans, buying a house or whatever other plans you have in mind.


Changing locum placements can be a great way of networking with other doctors and healthcare professionals. You can also see varied ways of working across different departments and hospitals.


If following your foundation or internship years you would prefer some more time to consider what specialty and career path you would like to pursue, locum work can be an opportunity to spend more time in different areas before making your decision.


Locum work can provide you with a wider range of experience across different specialties, settings and organisations’ which can enhance your CV.

Upon completion of your FY1/F1 year, we will be able to offer you an excellent range of medical locum opportunities across the UK and Ireland. 

To register your interest, send an up-to-date CV to